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Spring Vacation 9

//S//P//R//I//N//G//V\\A\\C\\A\\T\\I\\O\\N\\ EXE.\09/ The Mountain Trail Hike. Yes, this part just...had to become. I love the idea of making Shizuru..fall for Natsuki again, instead of vice versa. I mean, you just would have to find out huh....so, I would like reviews on this idea, since I haven't seen anyone write about it yet...so please...Review...onegai...desuuuu!!!

Spring Vacation 8

Ahah...gomen for my lateness to the people who actually read my fics...I had a visit from the flu...and I also was punished from my lack of sleep, and I'm still young so...so yeah....Anyways Spring Vacation 8! Also, due to my laziness, I kinda want to end this quick, but have an ending so that if I want to re-continue, I will and all. Maybe...6 or 7 or 8 more parts? Anyways I really want to get this confusion over with...

Argh. Laser Tag sucks

... Today was my friends birthday, and we went to this...place. there was Laser tag, and it was heka fun. I was doing heka good too. and then someone tripped me and i was running, so i slammed onto the pole. My lip was bleeding and shit...gr...i dislike dark rooms

Spring Vacation 7

HMM...Part 7, how interesting will this be...? S.P.R.I.N.G V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N PART 7. Lucky Number, and Natsuki's luckiest day. So what shall happen...? Read on then. But, sad to say, here comes the drama.

Spring Vacation 6

Mwhhahaha, the moment is here. The camping trip for 2 weeks, shall begin. The plan shall work. But, we still do not know, of what Midori told Shizuru! Hehe, still can't wait for the hotel parts...more and MORE BLOOD. =) Spring Vacation, Part 6. Caution, Luggage falling on two girls that are secretly in love with each other is very, very, very...hot? L.O.L XD

Spring Vacation 5

Spring Vacation 5. Yea, it's already the weekend, and I'm improving on writing, and I get to type more! But, I really should finish making that AMV...Anyways, Part 5, Spring Vacation. OMG Natsuki and Shizuru are soooo hesitant. oh well. It's cute to see them like that =) But, MUST AVOID CONFESSION!!! and...so...much...blood....


I had a nice day.

Grr, I hate the winter

since it's cold....

Spring Vacation 4

Heh, I am going to die from the lack of sleep, but I just have SO many ideas...it's just, i can't make the transition perfect! Will Natsuki confess her love early, or will I be able to avoid going there?!? Find out in Part 4 of Spring Vacation!

Omg. I Hate School

I almost got suspended?!?